• Infrastructure

    The school is architecturally designed in a green sprawling campus with multiple facilities for both Scholastic and Co- scholastic activities .It has spacious well lit classrooms, clean and tidy atmosphere. Pre-Primary section has attached wash rooms.The school has good infrastructure facilities like:-

  • Library

    The school has a good library with a large collection of books, journals and magazines. This is spread over in two floors with more than the 70 seating capacity. There is separate reference section for faculties and parents. It has a comprehensive collection of literature predominantly related to school level. Library activities are computerised.Most of the journals find a place in this Library - theme based, competitive examination based etc. Educational Cds in all subjects are available including value based stories from Panchtantra etc.

    Science Laboratory

    The school has very spacious and well equipped labs for Physics, Biology, and Chemistry, with all required tools and apparatus for performing various experiments. All the three labs are located on the top floor.Junior Science lab is situated on the basement for the students of Primary section.

    Technology Laboratory

    The three technology labs cater to the needs of the students and faculties. They are well equipped with latest computers, LCD projectors and screens. Twenty four Lap tops come in handy for the faculty and students.They are connected to broadband.

    Smart Classes

    Teachers are trained in usage of Smart Board and these class rooms are center of attractions to both students and teachers.

    Audio Visual Room

    Our AV Room is used for seminars, workshops and meetings. The AV Room is well equipped with a music system, sound system , a computer and an LCD projector. It has a seating capacity of nearly 100. This room is always busy with showcasing of presentations prepared by faculties and students. Internet connectivity enhances usage of this room.

    Physical Education Department

    The physical education department provides outdoor and indoor games facilities, such as Cricket, Basketball, Badminton; volleyball Etc.The School is equipped with a Multi Purpose stadium.

    Music Room

    The school has a music room equipped with various musical instruments. The school offers a wide range of other activities like - Vocal Music, Classical Dances, and Folk dances.

    Art Room

    The school has an Art Room which offers art education to students like sketching, coloring, painting, craft etc.


    The school has an high tech Auditorium with a seating Capacity of 1000 persons.High Tech Projector , Sound System and lighting are added atraction in the auditorium.

School Prayer

  • Om tat sat shri, Naarayan tu Purushotama Guru tu.. Siddha Buddha tu,Skanda Vinaayaka Savithaa Paavak tu.

    Brahma mazda tu,Yashwa Shakthi tu Yeshu Pita prabhu tu..

    Rudra Vishnu tu, Raama Krishna tu Raheema tha o tu..

    Vasudeva go Vishwa roopa tu Chidaananda Hari tu..

    Adwitheeya tu , Akaala Nirbhaya Aatma linga Shiva tu..

School Song

  • BGS National Public school We make a pledge to thee Service as our guideline Serve humanity.

    Loyalty as our code Peace amongst our people Pen against the sword.

    BGS National Public school School of our joy and pride School of our joy and school of our heart School that's gold inside.

    BGS National Public School School where students stride Onto fame anf glory In the world outside.

    BGS National Public School School of our joy and pride School of our youth and school of our heart School that's gold inside.

School Pledge

  • India is my country, all Indians are my brothers and sisters. I love my country and I am proud of its rich and varied heritage. I shall always try to be worhty of it. I shall give my parents, teachers and all elder respect and treat every one with courtesy. To my country and my people, I pledge my devotion. In their well-being and prosperity alone lies my happiness. JAI HIND