Awards & Recognitions -2018-19

Sri S Ayyappan Nair has been awarded with Honorary Doctorate by The University of South America.

Awards & Recognitions -2017-18


Education Today the India School Merit Awards 2017
Winners of CBSE Zonal Level Volleyball Team (Girls) of BGSNPS with Reverend Managing Director Sri Sri Prakashnatha Swamiji
Runners up Volleyball Team of BGS NPS (Boys) CBSE Zonal Level with Reverend Managing Director Sri Sri Prakashnatha Swamiji.
Dhyan Balakrishna won 3 Gold medals in CBSE Zonal level Swimming Competition,He got selected for nationals
Inter school Teachers Quiz 2017-18 Ms Nalini Ujre & Ms Lakshmi A

Awards & Recognitions -2016-17

ANCQ-2016 conducted by royal AUSTRAILIAN CHEMICAL INSTITUTE AUSTRALIA was organized in around 20 countries. In India around 30,000 students of over 250 schools participated in this.
100 students from BGS National Public School participated and 50 students got special recognition in the form of High distinction excellence , High Distinction, Distinction, and Credit.
Siddarth Parmar of class IX was awarded the excellence award(97 percentile) & Kunjal Parnami of Class XI got award for Outstanding performing(99 percentile).
Dr Mandira Mohapatra , ANCQ Quiz Coordinator  received the certificate of Appreciation for sincere contribution in popularizing Science among young students.


Sahyadri Young Ecologist 2016 by IISc Bangalore

OAKIQ quiz by Oakridge International School
Our Students came 2nd and Qualified for Finals in Hyderabad

BGS National Public School
No. 1 in Bengaluru,
No. 1 in Karnataka,
No. 6 in India
By Education Today among the Top 20 CBSE Schools in the country

School Enterprise Challenge 2015-16 Winner
HEAD TEACHER AWARD International Conference at South Africa

Winners of CBSE Regional Level Science Exhibition - Ashwin Ujre and Shreyas Raviprasad of Class X


  • National Level Best Project -2007

    Topic : Mosquito Menace

    Event Organized by - Oracle Education Foundation

    The online project developed by a team of Five students of Grade V to create an awareness regarding Mosquito Borne diseases and was posted on Think.com an       Educational Portal. The team was awarded by Mr. Kiran Karnik, the then NASSCOM       President at Oberois, New Delhi.

    National Level Best Project -2008

    Topic : Need of the Hour - Nuclear Power - First Runners Up

    Event Organized by - Oracle Education Foundation

    The project highlighted on the need for an alternative energy source and was greatly appreciated by the Think quest users. A team of five students with the lead Coach       and The Principal, Sri S A Nair were honoured by Dr. G Madhavan Nair the then ISRO       Chairman. The team was fortunate enough to visit Satish Dhawan Space Centre,       Shriharikota and observed the Launch Pads which was ready to Launch The       Chandrayan.

    School Leadership Programs 2007-08

    Event Organized by - Oracle Education Foundation

    Overall Championship - 2008-09

    Event : BGS Cultural Fest

    An event organised by the BGS group of institutions to promote, tradition, art and culture in students Overall Championship - 2009-10.

    Event Organized by - Mysore Horticultural Society, Lalbagh Bangalore

    Large Garden - First Prize

    Event : BGS Cultural Fest

    For the well maintained School Garden.

    Funk the Junk Competition - Championship award

    Event Organized by - Karnataka State Pollution Control Board

    An event to create best out of the waste socially useful material.

School Prayer

  • Om tat sat shri, Naarayan tu Purushotama Guru tu.. Siddha Buddha tu,Skanda Vinaayaka Savithaa Paavak tu.

    Brahma mazda tu,Yashwa Shakthi tu Yeshu Pita prabhu tu..

    Rudra Vishnu tu, Raama Krishna tu Raheema tha o tu..

    Vasudeva go Vishwa roopa tu Chidaananda Hari tu..

    Adwitheeya tu , Akaala Nirbhaya Aatma linga Shiva tu..

School Song

  • BGS National Public school We make a pledge to the Service as our guideline Serve humanity.

    Loyalty as our code Peace amongst our people Pen against the sword.

    BGS National Public school, School of our joy and pride School of our joy and school of our heart School that's gold inside.

    BGS National Public School, School where students stride Onto fame and glory In the world outside.

    BGS National Public School, School of our joy and pride School of our youth and school of our heart School that's gold inside.

School Pledge

  • India is my country, all Indians are my brothers and sisters. I love my country and I am proud of its rich and varied heritage. I shall always try to be worhty of it. I shall give my parents, teachers and all elder respect and treat every one with courtesy. To my country and my people, I pledge my devotion. In their well-being and prosperity alone lies my happiness. JAI HIND